Study of Fetus by Leonardo Da Vinci

Study of Fetus by Leonardo Da Vinci, in association with Art.com

::Article: “The beautiful and efficient anatomy of pregnancy” by Alexander Tsiaras (Huffington Post)

“When I began to review the scans of babies that captured each micrometer of developing tissue, my son was in utero. There were so many revelations that surprised and deeply affected me. Suddenly, my work on development was very personal… my son can be seen at the tail end of this film, “From a Cell to a Baby“! This early work has been recently updated in a new interactive iBook “Conception to Birth“.

::TED Talk – From Conception to Birth – Visualizedalso by Alexander Tsiaras

::TED Talk – What We Learn Before We’re Born by Annie Murphy Paul

::It’s not just about babies – The Guiding Star Project (I would call the centers themselves FamilyCare centers)

“We want to be relevant to everyone in our nation; whether you are a 17-year-old in an unplanned pregnancy, a husband and wife expecting your first child (or number 10!), a woman struggling with infertility, a new mom trying to learn how to breastfeed, or just someone looking to learn more about natural methods of fertility care and planning. We see life as beautiful.”

La Visitation by Jacques Stella

La Visitation by Jacques Stella, in association with Art.com

::The Visitation::

There is a wall of flesh before the eyes
Of John, who yet perceives and hails his King.
It is Our Lady’s painful bliss to bring
Before mankind the Glory of the skies.
Her cousin feels her womb’s sweet burden rise
And leap with joy, and she comes forth to sing,
With trembling mouth, her words of welcoming.
She knows her hidden God, and prophesies.

Saint John, pray for us, weary souls that tarry
Where life is withered by sin’s deadly breath.
Pray for us, whom the dogs of Satan harry,
Saint John, Saint Anne, and Saint Elizabeth.
And, Mother Mary, give us Christ to carry
Within our hearts, that we may conquer death.

– Alfred Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918) –