Cape Buffalo at Ado Park, South Africa 5

photo of the week by fishcat007

On Art.

::Ai Wei Wei: Wonderful dissident, terrible artist (New Republic)

“What is lost in this talk about creativity and action is the ancient requirement that a work of art be realized in a particular medium. That does not seem to matter to Ai. Asked by an interviewer whether the millions of porcelain sunflower seeds at Tate Modern ‘relate[d] back to China,’ he argued that ‘mass production is nothing new. Weren’t cathedrals built through mass production? The pyramids? … Paintings can be painted with the left hand, the right hand, someone else’s hand, or many people’s hands. The scale of production is irrelevant to its content.’ This is an extraordinary comment. If the scale of a work and the way the work is produced are irrelevant to its meaning or its content, then what on earth is a work of art? Isn’t a work of art by its very nature a matter of particulars, of size and scale, of who does what and how?”

::The Art of Restoration Amidst Detroit’s Ruined Walls (ChristianityToday.com)

“In her ability to see a place for what it is and what it could be, Yvette Rock is unique among artists who in recent years have tried to capture the fall and rise of Detroit. It helps that the painter, collagist, and photographer lives there, with her husband and four children.” 

On the Practical Side of Life.

::Don’t just do something, stand there. (Dr. Skeptic)

“When in doubt, your doctor will continue to run tests until something comes up, and will continue to treat you for as long as you return with symptoms. Sometimes, not pursuing a diagnosis and not treating a patient are reasonable options. Sometimes they are the best option.”

::12 Secrets to Planning Menus (Design Mom)

“There are two ways to answer that dreaded five o’clock “What’s for dinner, Mom?” question: one includes the phone number of your neighborhood pizza place, and one requires a little more planning. I promise that the latter option is so worth it, and I have a few secrets to ensure that your local delivery people never learn your name!”

And then there’s Downton Abbey

::The Anti-Snobbery of Downton Abbey (Wall Street Journal)

“‘I think the truth of the matter,’ he continues, ‘is either you’re interested in social history or you’re not. The minutiae of behavior, the motives that change our behavior, why we follow certain patterns, the preconditioning of class, the attitudes that are class badges as opposed to the areas where there’s a free vote—all of that I find very interesting, and I’m happy to say, so does the public. Or enough of them.'”

::Sesame Street Takes on Downton Abbey (Yahoo! TV)

“You know you’ve arrived when “Sesame Street” decides to poke fun at you. So PBS’s red-hot import “Downton Abbey” should consider itself honored when this cute Muppet parody of “Downton” airs during “Sesame’s” upcoming Season 43.”