7 Quick Takes Friday


S(16mo)’s English is right now limited to toddling around with a “cell-phone” (toy, box, calculator, etc.) held to his ear saying, “Ai!”


He is very good at communicating, though. One of his favorite things to do lately is, while on my lap, to suddenly fold his hands and look up at me quite deliberately, usually while giving a quick nod and saying something like “Ess.” And so we pray for something. Daddy, or our day, or anything. And then he’ll want another prayer, so we’ll pray for something else.


Yesterday morning, while grocery shopping, he had a long “conversation” with our cashier, a man a decade or so older than I, who turned to me afterward and said, “You have very peaceful children. That’s wonderful.” I have to agree.


I do have very peaceful children in the grand scheme of things, but yesterday at home was nevertheless punctuated by a four-year-old girl’s voice raised in an urgent, “No no no!” directed at her little brother. The only incident I really remember is when I turned a corner to find out what was going on, and found a Very Frustrated M(4yo) yelling, “No no NO!” while sitting on the floor in front of a Very Frustrated little S(16mo) as he repeatedly whapped his hand on her face. (Did she move? Nope. Just yelled “No!” That image kept popping into my head and making me laugh yesterday evening…)


S(16mo) loves to cook. Pretend cook, that is. Put something into a pot or bowl or cup, and then stir it very intently and vigorously with a spoon. It’s the activity that will occupy him for the longest stretch of time. He’s doing it right now, as a matter of fact – a scarf that M(4yo) had been playing with, in my big wooden salad bowl, stirred with a wooden spoon. He comes by his cooking fascination naturally – I very much enjoy cooking (as did my father & my paternal grandfather), and my husband, the Resident Theologian, cooks a mean carbonara, excellent omelets, and does a better on-the-fly pasta sauce than I do.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

When the Resident Theologian (RT) got home from work the other day, S(16mo) was sitting on the living room floor looking at our big hardcover copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The RT and I left the room, and a few minutes later, a very excited S(16mo) came babbling into the room where we were, waving our little board book copy of the same book. “Yes! You’re right! It’s the same book!” we told him, and he grinned at us, and turned to head back out of the room – only to have a different page fall open, and he had to turn back and show us that it, too, was the same.


Today is the Feast of the Chair of Peter, the Catholic celebration of the papacy and the pope. And this year we’re celebrating it with the knowledge that the chair will be vacant in less than a week. I wonder if the feast has ever fallen in the space between popes. . .

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